History of Louisiana Container Co., Inc.

Louisiana Container Co., Inc. opened for business April 1, 1997. A locally owned and operated company, the Owners are three people who have worked in Solid Waste Manufacturing Industry for many years.

Jerome Veillon, Robert Doolittle, and Cecil Holden are names many customers recognize. Walk into the office of this plant and you will find them actively involved with every aspect of the day to day business. The Company started operations with 6 employees that has grown to 30.

LCCI wants to be known as a company that offers a top quality container at a very competitive price. A little bit extra ("LAGNIAPPE”) is standard in their containers without added cost to the customer. LCCI offers a variety of roll-off containers; Rectangular, Bathtub, Sludge, Scrap, Storage, and Compaction Containers. All come in various lengths and side heights. Understructures available are Heil, Deadlift, Dempster, Ampliroll, Translift, Swaploader, and "one of a kind” special orders.

Scrap dealers are a big part of this business. Customers can call and have any size scrap container built for them, ranging from a 12' long, 10 yd. container to a 34' long, 77 yd. container. Options may include: 1\4” floor, 3\16” sides, cross members on 12” spacing, 2 x 2 x 1\4” angle on the top tube and on the floor above rails. Another option the customer has is using channel uprights on their boxes instead of 4-way bends at no added cost.

LCCI sells direct to waste haulers. It was the intention from the beginning to target and be of service to small haulers across the United States. Selling direct to customers gives LCCI an insight to what they need and are looking for in waste equipment, as well as saving the hauler money by buying factory direct. Located in Central Louisiana gives them an advantage in servicing all the South, west to Colorado, east to Georgia and as far north as Minnesota by giving customers good freight rates.




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